Our sheltered workshop

We will probably never be the most virtuous rolls in the box (we love poo and pee puns too much for that), but we do want to do the best we can.

In addition to selling a truly sustainable product: 100% European recycled toilet paper that builds toilets, The Good Roll also wants to make a direct social contribution. Preferably on a local level. For this reason, we work with not just one, but two sheltered workplaces for the wrapping and packaging of our products.

Externally we work with a social enterprise and we also have our own sheltered workshop, in which we offer work and guidance to more than 75 individuals! At our beautiful spot in Weesp, The Netherlands, we have a thousand square meters of space available where we do what we do best: Processing your toilet paper orders.

A sheltered workplace is a workplace for people with a distance to the labour market or for individuals who have been unemployed for a long time. There are many reasons why people start working at a sheltered workplace; for example having physical or mental problems, being homeless, or other problems along their way. Our warehouse is a place where, people who are unable to work in a regular company, have an opportunity to actually work.

At The Good Roll we see our sheltered workshop mainly as a place where individuals can be part of something big again. A place where they can do honest and fun work, such as packing, wrapping, repacking and preparing all our orders. We offer guidance and/or adaptation to the workplace. Whatever the reason may be for someone to be unable to work at a regular company, we believe that anyone can add value to our company if he / she / they are willing to work.

Together with the municipalities of Amsterdam, Diemen and Weesp, the UWV and the network organisation De Sociale Werkkoepel. We are working on a more inclusive society through our sheltered workshop. Our partners connect us with new additions to our Good Roll Team. In return, we offer a workplace that can be adapted to physical limitations and offer extra guidance or, for example, adjustments in work pace or working time.

Besides people with a distance from the labour market, our team also consists of 'regular' employees. For our Good Rollers it is nice to work in a workplace that is as 'normal' as possible, so that the work runs smoothly and everyone gets into a normal daily routine. As a commercial company we do however have to ensure that we deliver a certain quality. Through The Good Roll mix of employees we ensure that our goals are achieved and that everyone is having a good time.

We are happy that we can help people and are grateful that they help us. Aside from the hard work everyone delivers, we can learn a lot from individuals who have a completely different life compared to us. It's inspiring to hear and see stories of how far people have come and how fast they are growing every day. This is how we roll!

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