2-Ply toilet paper

2-ply toilet paper

Toilet paper is one of those basic necessities that we cannot do without. But did you know that the standard 2-ply toilet paper in the shops is not nearly as good for the environment? Thousands of trees are cut down, harsh chemicals are used and all to wipe your bum. We wipe those practices right off your ass with honest, tree-friendly toilet paper.

Save the trees!

Every day, more than 27,000 trees are cut down. Not for building materials or for heating, but purely for the production of toilet paper. We at The Good Roll find this unacceptable.

Especially when you consider how much paper is thrown away, burned and ends up on rubbish tips. That is why we introduce our own 100% tree-friendly 2-ply toilet paper. Made from recycled paper, it works just as well as a normal roll, but without the ten million trees that are needlessly cut down every year. The number of layers: 2, the number of trees felled: 0.

Best of all: it is a lot cheaper!

2-ply toilet paper from The Good Roll

Do you know what is really annoying? When you go to the toilet somewhere and they have wafer-thin toilet paper. Our 2-ply toilet paper is the perfect balance between comfort and economy. Thick enough to use just one sheet per wipe but thin enough that we can fit an awful lot onto one roll. 

toilet paper number 2 is specially made from recycled European paper. Its cellulose fibres absorb moisture extremely well and its texture provides a particularly effective and soft wiping experience. 

Benefits of 2-ply toilet paper

There are several reasons to choose the 2-ply toilet paper from The Good Roll. Maybe you want to support our foundation and provide the poorest countries with sanitary facilities and water, maybe you want to prevent massive tree felling and be able to go to the toilet more consciously. Or maybe you simply want to save money, because our toilet paper is much cheaper than that from the supermarket. Curious about all the advantages? Here they are:

We are cheaper; a normal toilet roll contains about 150 sheets. This is good for just over 15 metres of chemically bleached paper. The Good Roll 2-ply toilet paper has no less than 400 sheets, or 44 metres of wiping fun! This makes us on average 0.32 cents cheaper per roll than the toilet paper you buy in the supermarket.

No chemicals; To get that 'pure' white look of toilet paper, lots of chemicals are used. A shame, because this is not necessary. Our recycle toilet paper works just as well as a normal roll, but without chemicals that are then discharged into nature.

Save a tree, wipe your bum; every unnecessarily felled tree is one too many. This also applies to the 27,000 trees that are cut down every day for toilet paper. If you consider that our rubbish dumps are full of paper that is perfectly recyclable, you will understand that the world is a bit lopsided. That is why we do not cut down trees, but stop throwing them away. The Good Roll is made with recycled European paper and not with so-called 'virgin pulp', tree material that is cut down specifically for toilet paper.

Support charity; 50% of our net profit goes directly to the charities we oversee with our foundation. For example, we build sanitary facilities throughout Africa and construct water points. In addition, our production is a social workplace where everyone can work in an honest manner.