Environmentally Friendly Kitchen Roll

Environmentally friendly kitchen roll

Want to make the world a little greener? It can be done in small ways. Did you know, for example, that 27,000 trees are chopped down every day for toilet paper and kitchen rolls? That's why we at The Good Roll make our own kitchen paper, made organically from recycled paper. We package this environmentally friendly kitchen roll in a cheerful printed wrapper, but you can also order it #naked.

How an eco-friendly kitchen roll brings change

It's pretty weird that when it comes to kitchen paper, there's very little on offer. Every brand that can be found in the supermarket is produced in the same way: with newly harvested wood, to which many chemicals are added and which is wrapped in plastic. Actually, this is the very worst way to make such a product. You deforest the land, pollute the water and also use a lot of plastic. And all that for sheets of paper that you can only use once.

And that is precisely why we decided to be the change we wanted to see. It took a while before we had a working solution, but we can proudly say that we are a true revolution in the field of environmentally friendly kitchen paper:

We don't cut down trees, all our paper is recycled European paper that we process ourselves in our workshops into new kitchen paper that is completely eco.

In this processing, we do not use harsh chemicals or other substances that have an impact on the environment. Our kitchen roll is white in a natural way.

Our kitchen paper is wrapped in our own cheerful wrappers that are also made of recycled paper. In addition, you can also order it without a wrapper.

50% of our net profit goes to our foundation that builds sanitary facilities in countries in Africa. We build wells and install safe toilet buildings.

Never run short with our kitchen paper subscription

It's really quite simple: we make super absorbent, super clean kitchen paper that's better for the environment, better for people and better for your bank account too. Not only are we cheaper than supermarket brands, we also offer extra discounts through our kitchen paper subscription. It works like this:

Everyone uses kitchen paper, so every household needs to get new kitchen rolls once in a while. So why not choose to subscribe to our recycled and eco-friendly kitchen roll? You can specify how often you need a new shipment. Once every 2 weeks? No Problem? Once every 20 weeks? Also great! We ship however often (or rarely) you want. Every other week is up to you, your benefit is always top notch:

Our subscription offers a 10% discount on every delivery, regardless of the interval. This is on top of our already advantageous price.

Wondering if our organic kitchen paper is something for you? Order a shipment or try our homekit, which besides eco kitchen rolls also contains tissue boxes and toilet paper to try out.