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What, making an impact by purchasing The Good Roll for your business? Sure thing! With half of our net profit we build toilets in Africa. By doing this, we improve the hygiene of a lot of people in developing countries. This allows us to literally save lives. And that is not all. Our toilet paper is made out of recycled materials. So by ordering toilet paper for your business at The Good Roll, you also save trees which usually would be cut down for regular toilet paper production. And did you know that our factory in Weesp offers a workplace for people who have a distance to the labour market? We offer them a chance. No, you offer them a chance, by your bright purchase of our toilet paper. So, yes. Your business could make a serious, positive impact by buying toilet paper.

Corporate social responsibility with The Good Roll

Give some weight to your promise of corporate social responsibility. Show that you are really socially concerned, that you care for your fellow (wo)men and that our nature is close to your heart. Our mission is easy: clean and safe toilets for everyone. And you can contribute to this, by simply buying toilet paper for your business at The Good Roll. It is essential. Did you know that worldwide 3,6 billion people do not have acces to clean sanitation? That accounts for 45% of the world’s population. That should and could be different. Just like the huge deforestation taking place to produce toilet paper. Let’s take our corporate social responsibility together. Let’s make impact together!

5.000 toilets in 2028

Become part of our community. Together, we will realise our mutual ambition: safe and clean toilets for everyone. We strive to build at least 5.000 toilets before 2028 and improve 1,5 million lives. The first steps have been made! We have already built 240 toilets and improved 10.500 lives. These are clear numbers and we constantly make our impact measureable. No vague promises and hollow slogans but clear language and concrete figures. Like the number of toilets we build, the trees we save and the jobs we create. Let’s make the world less shitty!

Strengthen your brand with responsible hygiene paper

At The Good Roll you don’t just buy toilet paper for your business. You buy a societal promise. As part of our community, this promise is now also yours, and that of your organisation. After all, we carry the mission to make the world less shitty together. Strengthen your brand values and substantiate your vision. A win-win. We appreciate your contribution, you have a strong story for your associates and you do good for a better world, but most of all we make impact together! And all that with hygiene paper. Good story, don’t you think?

Support SDG

Another nice certificate to put on your website when you buy The Good Roll paper for your business. SDG is an abbreviation for Sustainable Development Goals. These are goals that have been put together by the United Nations. They are meant as guidelines to create a sustainable world before 2030. And sure enough, as a partner of The Good Roll you contribute to that target. Yeah, those are goals!

Supply of paper and hygiene products for your business

We supply all kinds of products for companies and wholesalers. Several kinds of toilet paper, made of recycled materials: jumbo rolls, compact rolls, rolls with cap, coreless rolls and bulk packs. For every company and every wholesaler the perfect toilet roll to buy big. And then you have our other hygiene products: different kinds of cleaning paper, paper towels and hand soap. And of course our dispensers. Again: in several styles and sizes. We run large volumes. Large consumption means a large impact. So what are you waiting for? Come on with your business order!

Nice story… and now?

Ordering our toilet paper for your business is easy. Download our brochure, without obligation. Make a business account on the right-hand side of this page. Or contact us directly through email. You could also give us a ring, of course. Be welcome with The Good Roll.

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